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MAY 2018      

Tom Tyler the expert horseman

More than anything else, Tom Tyler wanted to become a movie star, and was willing to learn how to ride a horse in order to snag a contract with FBO in Hollywood.

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Collectibles: Tom Tyler lantern slides

Read about one of the most fascinating of film collectibles: lantern slides of Tom Tyler films and how to store them.

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An early 1930's Astor Pictures lobby card

An expert swimmer: Tom Tyler

While Tom Tyler's area of athletic expertise was weightlifting, he was also a talented swimmer, a skill which helped in a number of film roles in both silent film and talkies.

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New Tom Tyler B-western collection from Sinister Cinema

Sinister Cinema now offers Tom Tyler Volume 7 on DVD containing the following movies: “Mystery Ranch” (1934), “Fighting Hero” (1934), “Fast Bullets” (1936), and “The Lost Ranch” (1937) for only $9.95.

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