San Antonio (1945)

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I can't stand the pace
I'm ending up last in the race
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Tom really shines in the scenes he appears in (which is primarily the first half hour before he gets plugged) and he pulls off a dramatic death rather well. He also has one of the sexiest swaggers I've ever seen in a western. He looks like he would be right at home in a spaghetti western with the likes of Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, and Lee Van Cleef. Observing his onscreen chemistry with Errol Flynn, and making a few wild guesses, it is entirely possible that Tom was just not A-list leading man personality type. But then the benefits are in his court. Doubt I'd be looking at Flynn if I was standing across the street from him. IOW Errol never did a damn thing for me....sincerest apologies to Errol fans who stumble across this page.

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