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Je suis si fatigue
de cette chanson en Anglais
Que j'ai écrit quelque des mots
        - C. Scott and D. Dyer

To learn more about the rare disease Tom Tyler died from, go to:

The Scleroderma Foundation

Leave flowers or a light blue or teal ribbon (both colors represent scleroderma awareness) for Tom at Find A



Join his Facebook group to share memories and more. Run by Mr. Tony Corbett, this is definitely the best online group dedicated to Mr. Tyler.

Tom Tyler, Screen Hero!


In the December 2016 issue of Roundup, there is a nice archival article from December 2014 titled "20 Significant Western Movies 1903-1969" by David Morrell which mention two movies that Tom appeared in: "Stagecoach", and "Red River." Click here to read the article.


Celebrity Link
Celebrity Link: Tom Tyler pictures and links


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