Film Quotes by Tom Tyler, Part 1 Crossword Puzzle

Higher and higher
reaching my hands up to the sky
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Identify the name of the movie the below quotes made by Tom are from!

To play this crossword puzzle, print out a copy of this puzzle (for a PDF copy, click here) and grab a pencil. Have fun!


4. “I just saw what happened”
6. “I must get some letters written before we leave in the morning”
7. “But Conchita, Heaven cannot help you”
10. “By the way my name is Jones...Tom Jones”
13. “Where's Miss Wallace?!”
14. “Sometimes I don't think you're a very nice girl”
15. “There's only one way out for me”


1. “Where am I? How did I get here?”
2. “Say you've got that shirt of mine here and I want it”
3. “No spell. I just like them.”
5. “Sorry, my partner isn't used to the society of women”
8. “I consider it my duty to take you with me”
9. “Gun play and liquor don't mix”
11. “But I'm.....But I'm...”
12. “Yes Miss Dolores Brooks”


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