Coyote Trails (1935)

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Night's the time for daydreams
that's no time at all
        - C. Scott

Phantom is a pure white horse that is seen rustling other horses. Or is the real Phantom a two-legged being? That's what Tom thinks, and watch him as he attempts to tame the beautiful horse which he nicknames “Handsome.” When Tom and his riding partner Windy meet Helen Baker, he manages to get a job at the Lazy T Ranch that will help the owner, Helen's father John (Lafe McKee), catch whoever is stealing his horses. Phantom leads Tom to the rustlers, who happen to be ranchhands at the Lazy T Ranch.

"Coyote Trails" is the only existing Tom Tyler movie where he is seen both mounting and riding a stallion completely bareback and no rein. Phantom really is a magnificent horse, seen standing on top of a butte at the start of the movie, observing a man nailing a “Wanted” sign bearing this beautiful horse's face, As soon as the man goes away, Phantom gallops down and removes the “Wanted” sign with his teeth. At one point, Phantom gets a hoof stuck in a trap, but Tom sees him and frees the animal.

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