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MARCH 2019      

"Jungle Mystery" 1932 to DVD petition

March 3, 2019 marks the launch of a new film petition: “Jungle Mystery” (1932) starring Tom Tyler and Cecilia Parker. It has been four years since Universal Pictures preservation department restored this 12 chapter serial plus the 75 minute long feature cutdown.

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The global reach of “Adventures of Captain Marvel”

“Adventures of Captain Marvel” has long been considered the greatest film serial ever made, at least here in the United States, but what might even be considered more fascinating is the global impact upon the most popular selling comic book superhero of the 1940's, Captain Marvel.

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The Cowboy Musketeer dark blue arcade card

The Hero in the Role of a Patient

Among the most poignant scenes in Tom Tyler’s movies are those where he is being attended to by a woman (usually a young and pretty one) nursing him back to health when his character is injured in some manner.

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“Shazam!” officially released in theatres on April 5, 2019

It's finally here! "Shazam!" officially opens in theatres across the nation next weekend.

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