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JUNE 2019      

Equal opportunity heroes: Minorities in Tom Tyler silent films and early talkies

For the individual interested in Tom Tyler’s silent film and early talkie career, that person might be surprised to discover that racial minorities had minor but very significant roles in the plot.

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When Two Heroes Meet: Tom Tyler and Abraham Lincoln

It is not too far-fetched at all to imagine a meeting of Tom Tyler with President Abraham Lincoln. While a number of Tom’s movies take place during Lincoln’s presidency, the one that most stands out is “Two Fisted Justice”. 

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The Masquerade Bandit lobby card

On raising boys: Words of wisdom from Tom Tyler

Rare are the few interviews of Tom Tyler than do exist, and when they fall into the hands of fans and individuals interested in learning about his philosophy and views about life, prove to be real treasures. More often than not, these tidbits of wisdom are timeless and still hold true today.

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“West of Cheyenne” 1931

Watch Tom Tyler’s first full-length talking feature film at Youtube! Perfect viewing for a Sunday morning.

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