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JUNE 2018      

Tom Tyler and the Motion Picture Hall of Fame in Anaheim, California

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame in Anaheim, California sounds like a prestigious institution in the domain of Hollywood glamour, but at the height of its operation between 1971 and 1979, it was a combination historical Hollywood museum and cinema which specialized in exhibiting films made before 1950.

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Buck Moon Trail, Part 3

The third installment of “Buck Moon Trail” explores the growing turbulence between Tom and Julie. Find out what happens to Julie one night in this exciting story!

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Rio Rattler lobby card

Just plain Tom

For the person newly introduced to Tom Tyler's work in westerns of the 1930's which are plentiful on the market, the majority of his film character names remains the same as his adopted one – Tom.

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Shazam superhero movie with Zachary Levi: Release date, plot, cast

Since Tom Tyler and Zachary Levi share something in common – the portrayal of Captain Marvel on the silver screen - find out more about the upcoming “Shazam!” release.

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