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JANUARY 2019      

“'Neath Western Skies” 1929 Tom Tyler silent film at Flickr

It appears that yet again another lost Tom Tyler film – at least a segment of one – has popped up, this time, at the Library of Congress. Fourteen frames of “'Neath Western Skies” (1929) have initially been posted at Nitrate Film Interest Group as an unidentified film snippet on December 12, 1018.

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From FBO to RKO: Transitioning company ownership

By the time Tom Tyler made his twenty-fourth silent film for FBO - “The Avenging Rider” (1928), released on October 7, 1928, his studio contract would be near its end, primarily due to company ownership change, and its final transition to talkies.

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Terror Mountain R941 card

Adventures of Captain Marvel Review Podcast Special

Listen to a brand-new podcast on “Adventures of Captain Marvel at Patreon!

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Climbing through windows

One of Tom Tyler’s more entertaining yet common athletic stunts in his starring roles involves climbing through windows.

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