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DECEMBER 2019      

Buck Moon Trail, Part 5

This is the fifth part of a series of fan fiction. Can Joe, Bob, and Tim find Julie in time to get Tom to Oklahoma for his medical treatment?

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From the American West to the Unknown: A review of “Weird Western”

The basic story elements of a western film – the land, the cowboy hero, and bad men – can allow for variations that extend to the realms of the imagination.

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A cinema ad for Pinto Rustlers

In Tom Tyler’s backyard: Arctic City Film Studios

Back in the mid-1910’s to early 1920’s, Port Henry, New York – the hamlet where Tom Tyler was born in 1903 – had its own movie studio, Arctic City Film Studios.

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Collectibles: Tom Tyler on the Cacao and Chocolate Kivou postcard

Tom Tyler appeared on a number of collectible European-made movie star cards, but one of the harder-to-find ones is the Cacao and Chocolate Kivou postcard.

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Most popular blog story of 2019: Collectibles: Aventuras de Tom Tyler fan fiction series

Probably one of the rarest paper film collectible on Tom Tyler coming out of Spain is the twenty-one issue booklet set, Aventuras de Tom Tyler.

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