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AUGUST 2018      

Tom Tyler's horseshoe collection

In addition to Tom's hobbies of cabinet making, cooking, and flying, he also saved horseshoes which he purchased or was given since he first expressed interest in them soon after he arrived in Hollywood all the way from Hamtramck, Michigan.

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Meet Tom Tyler's FBO directors

Tom Tyler worked with a total of five different directors while under contract with FBO from 1925 to 1929, the majority of them being with Robert De Lacey.

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Gangsters abound: Tom Tyler in “The Last Outlaw”

One of the most unique turning points of Tom Tyler's film career was playing a heavy in “Powdersmoke Range” in 1935, during a time when he was portraying cowboy heroes for Reliable in the mid- to late 1930's.

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Adventures of Captain Marvel Spain movie card

Collectibles: Tom Tyler movie banners

Of the different vintage film poster sizes, one of the rarest is the banner. Usually made of canvas weight fabric with bright colored painted designs and lettering, these banners were displayed in the front of a cinema near the box office.

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Tom Tyler and the Motion Picture Hall of Fame in Anaheim, California

The Motion Picture Hall of Fame in Anaheim, California sounds like a prestigious institution in the domain of Hollywood glamour, but at the height of its operation between 1971 and 1979, it was a combination historical Hollywood museum and cinema which specialized in exhibiting films made before 1950.

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