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APRIL 2018      

Tom Tyler: The Cowboy Cop (1926)

One of two Tom Tyler silent films made for FBO which had Jean Arthur as his leading lady was “The Cowboy Cop” (1926). As his eighth starring role, Tom appears in a rather unusual plot for a western: a cowboy who finds himself in a big city out west and gets involved with an exciting and adventurous lifestyle.

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Tom Tyler and Jeanne Martel: their wedding day

Tom Tyler was married for about five years to actress Jeanne Martel, who was also a B-film star. Although she was twelve years younger than Tom, the age difference did not keep them from getting to know one another and eventually marrying.

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Tom Tyler with Jim Thorpe in Battling with Buffalo Bill red arcade card

Buck Moon Trail, Part 2

This is the second part of a series of fan fiction. Is the protagonist finally going to learn the secret about our hero?

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Collectibles: Tom Tyler movie banners

Of the different vintage film poster sizes, one of the rarest is the banner. Usually made of canvas weight fabric with bright colored painted designs and lettering, these banners were displayed in the front of a cinema near the box office.

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