Tom's Leading Ladies of the 1920's

You never learn
every time we play the game
        - C. Scott

Tom Tyler worked with the most beautiful ladies in B-westerns during the early years of Hollywood. How well do you know their names?

To play this word search, print out a copy of this puzzle (for a PDF copy, click here) and grab a pencil. Have fun finding all the leading lady names!

Florence Allen
Bee Amann
Jean Arthur
Josephine Borio
Patricia Caron
Ethlyne Clair
Frances Dare
Dorothy Dunbar
Eugenia Gilbert
Doris Hill
Natalie Joyce
Nora Lane

Sharon Lynn
Peggy Montgomery
Jane Reid
Virginia Southern
Barbara Starr
Elsie Tarron
Duane Thompson
Lotus Thompson
Ada Mae Vaughn
Bernice Welch
Charlotte Winn


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