The Man from Death Valley (1931)

IMDB The Man from Death Valley

Fill her mind with magic music
play a song for me
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Tom is Dave, and with his partner Hank (John Oscar), try to prevent a bank robbery in Mesa. Unknown to them, one of the robbers is the Sheriff, who is the father of Dave's sweetheart, Ann (Betty Mack). Dave and Hank decide to hold up the bank before the Sheriff and a friend could do so, and Dave absconds with the money, then buries it before Sheriff Jeffries (Stanley Blystone) arrests him.

Dave breaks jail and with the help of Ann, exposes the plot that Jeffries and his outlaw friend Ortego (Gino Corrado) planned to carry through. Dave reveals himself to be a United States Marshal to the criminals and permanently put theim out of commission.

One of the most impressive stunts in this movie is Tom's rescuing Ann (Betty Mack) who gets herself in the way of a cattle stampede. "The Man from Death Valley" is a lost film; we would like to see this surface and be restored when it does.

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