Riders of the Range (1950)

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In between the loving
it's an empty shell
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Tom is The Ringo Kid, a part-time rustler who gets mixed up in this story about a missing three thousand dollars. He gets into a major fistfight with Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin) only to drop the three thousand dollars he carried on him at the site. Kansas (Tim Holt) and Chito pick up the money and make off with it. Th Ringo Kid does however find the lucky peso that Chito always carries with him, and makes off with it. The Ringo Kid kills Clint Burrows (Reed Hadley) who gave him the three thousand dollars only to have it given back to him by Kansas - and Tom makes off with the money once again, eventually getting caught by the law.

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