Orphan of the Pecos (1937)

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You are every flower in the spring
everything and so much more
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Tom Rayburn is the new foreman at Hank Gelbert's (Lafe McKee) ranch, but when he meets his new employer, is surprised to discover that he has been shot dead - within minutes during the time Tom arrived. Looking around, Tom cannot find the man who committed the murder, but Hank's daughter Ann (Jean Martel) enters the house, and seeing Tom, thinks he shot her father. Tom has to prove his innocence. In the meantime, Tom starts looking around to find out who committed the murder - and enlists the aid of a traveling snake oil salesman and ventriloquist (Ted Lorch) to snag the murderer.

High point in the movie: when Tom climbs onto the roof of a small house where a group of men are holding the snake oil salesman hostage, then falling through and fistfighting with them. He also mounts his horse from behind (a talent in itself!)

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