Horses and Ranches in Tom's Films

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        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

To play this crossword puzzle, print out a copy of this puzzle (for a PDF copy, click here) and grab a pencil. Have fun!

Hint: For the solutions to Tom's silent films mentioned, visit the film reviews page of the respective movies for the answers!


3. Ranch in “Born to Battle” (1935)
5. The name of Tom's horse in “Deadwood Pass”
6. Name of the ranch in “Let's Go Gallagher”
7. Tom's horse in several Three Mesquiteers movies
9. Name of the ranch in “Rip Roarin' Buckaroo”
10. Tom's horse in “The Man from Nevada”
12. Ranch in “Born to Battle” (1926)


1. The name of Tom's horse in “Ridin' Thru”
2. Ranch in “The Cowboy Musketeer”
4. "The ________ Ranch"
5. "_______ Ranch"
6. "_______ Ranch"
8. The name of Tom's horse in “Tracy Rides”
11. Name of the ranch in “Santa Fe Bound”


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