The Adventures of Captain Marvel Crossword Puzzle

I wait for you
you never phone
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

To play this crossword puzzle, print out a copy of this puzzle (for a PDF copy, click here) and grab a pencil. Have fun!


1. Captain's source of power
4. Expedition's form of transportation
5. He's flying
8. mantle
12. The magic word
14. The Scorpion is a
16. The World's Mightiest
17. Location of the Scorpion's crypt
19. Key to the Scorpion
21. _____Archaeological Expedition
22. Billy's fastest form of transportation
23. Bentley
24. Emitting


2. French method of execution
3. William Benedict
6. Curio store owner
7. Ruler of Olympus
9. Louise Currie
10. Home of the Scorpion
11. Does he know?
13. Billy's job
15. cave transformation
18. Captain Marvel's publisher
20. David Sharpe


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